01 April 2005

Job of the Year: Early Predictions for 2005

Continuing a recurring topic of this blog...

Here are your predictions on the state of the job market of 2005!

Prognosis: The economy has improved. The economy sucks, but is less sucky than last year =D

Engineering and accountancy students will be heartened to hear that they are the first beneficiaries of the minor revival of the economy (subject to further setbacks in the next quarter by pharmaceutical and manufacturing output).

Insurance companies are now facing tremendous pressures as all right-thinking graduates give a career as a Sales Agent a miss. In fact, they're so desperate that they'll give out free movie tickets for Spanglish if you just turn up for their recruitment drive!

Other than that, if you're a fresh graduate in any other discipline, you're still screwed as openings on the job market consist of either jobs for those with 5-8 years of experience, or telemarketing/callcentre temp jobs at banks.

Incidentally, the surprise winner of the most popular job for underemployed graduates in 2004 was actually the telemarketing/callcentre stuff at banks. A little bird tells me that a sizeable number of NUS graduates are stuck there, earning SGD$6-8/hr.

But the job of 2005?

Well, it seems with the economy booming and all that, many job placement agencies are recruiting graduates en masse as Headhunters or job placement officers, with commission rates.

Errr. Let's run that through again. The economy is booming! Yes, graduates, you are employable! We need you, the economy needs you in the invaluable role of helping others find a job!

I don't get the logic, though.

Shorter version of this post:
The job market has gone postmodern! Jobs are now simulacra!

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