15 April 2005

Elected President Sweepstakes

SR Nathan hints that he prefers retirement.

Frankly, what's the difference? I've only seen him attend concerts and charity shows since 1999 - it's quite the serene retired life he leads anyway. Being non-activist, non-political, and generally staying out of real government, the jovial grandfather appears to have won the hearts of the people, if our Straits Times can be believed...

Who's the successor?

I predict, according to the rules of professional wrestling/entertainment, that the next president will be a political figure close to retirement, who has shown some 'independent thinking' to the point of perhaps disagreeing with some official policy recently. Disregarding that fact, he will still hail from the inner sanctum of the cabinet and has proven his loyalty to the regime.

My money's on Tony "I respectfully still feel the casino is wrong" Tan. He's been receiving too much press as a member of the semi-retired Old Guard.

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