11 April 2005


I found 4 Teresa Teng CDs ripped on my computer. I now know how they got there: a Japanese user on winmx p2p wanted to skip the queue and suggested a trade: he'll download my yuri and yaoi anime collections for something of his own... except he only had mp3 albums, mostly of Morning Musume.

After giving a go at Teresa Teng in Mandarin and Japanese, I've decided it's a good thing that Mandarin pop doesn't have a retro/revival movement.

There was an earthquake in Sumatra during the weekend. Our apartment flat felt two successions of tremors. It would've been fine except that I'm currently down with a middle ear infection - the second time within half a year, in fact.

It's apparently not enough that my head feels like it's been on a boat on a choppy sea since last Thursday... Have to have an actual earthquake, complete with swaying flats and creaking windows.

And oh yes.

Last Tuesday, Channelnewsasia ran a special TV documentary to commemorate the promotion of Vivian Balakrishnan to full minister status. A special feature on the stewardship of his ministry so far, to quote their programme writeup.

Err hello.

1. You cannot be both an elite (Presumption: To Rule) and a steward (Presumption: To Serve as a Trustee) at the same time.

2. CNA is not playing its role as a propagandist media tool! Come on, when the Prime Minister decrees that everyone must talk and yak ceaselessly about leadership in terms of Broad Elites, CNA comes up with this stewardship crap!

3. Why, it's probably reason enough to send good old Vivian down to CNA headquarters to grill the editors alive. After all, our good steward had been to ST headquarters before to rein in activist journalists who refused to toe the official line...

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