23 June 2005

I've been mostly down (as in literally flat on my back) with the flu, cough and sore throat for the past 2 weeks. The hiatus will continue since I can't write properly about the weighty stuff while in this condition.

So I'm reduced to blogging sporadically about the strange and weird for the time being - it takes much less effort.

Adventures of Obviousman!

Obviousman is a recurring character on the Non Sequitur comic strip. The logo on his Superman-style costume is a crossed-out DUH...

Evidently the BBC has been reading Obviousman too much. It reports in a thrilling expose that "18+ ratings on video games attract rather than deter children". DUH.

Food Blogging

Edward Yong links to Reuters, which reports that South Korea's baseball players have been banned from putting frozen cabbage leaves under their caps to beat the summer heat.

"I'm sensitive to the heat and my wife recommended I put frozen cabbage leaves under my cap to cool my head," said the most recent offending player. Here's a picture of the frozen cabbage leaf and cap falling off as he makes a pitch.

Now, is it just me, or is Park Myung-hwan's wife is a secret fan of Bisuke-tan, the unofficial fan mascot for KFC Japan?

Bisuke-tan cosplayer. When KFC replaces the Colonel with her as their official mascot they'll bomb the Golden Arches flat.

Pretty, no?

In case you're wondering, Bisuke-tan (or ビスケたん) wears on her head a biscuit dripping with maple honey, a staple desert order in KFC Japan.

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