15 June 2005

Beyond the Great Internet Firewall of China lies its greatest secret - the Reality Distortion Field.

From the Globe and Mail,

In China, cigarettes are a kind of miracle drug

Here's some exciting medical news from the Chinese government: Smoking is great for your health.

Cigarettes, according to China's tobacco authorities, are an excellent way to prevent ulcers.

They also reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease, relieve schizophrenia, boost your brain cells, speed up your thinking, improve your reactions and increase your working efficiency.

And all those warnings about lung cancer? Nonsense.

If you believe the official website of the tobacco monopoly, cigarettes are a kind of miracle drug...

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Beach-yi said...

And I always thought that smoking is merely a way to expedite the proces of chilling out, shutting the brain down, relaxing via the stoning way etc...never knew it have such...efficious effects like preventing ulcers.