10 September 2015

Modelling the 2015 Singapore general elections V: Rational voter choices

We at Illusio, having duly considered the facts and circumstances laid before us in the past 5 years and during the rally season, do hereby endorse for the 2015 Singapore general elections...

No. We at Illusio would rather remind our readers that in any dominant party state, the rational voter choice in "every general election is functionally a plebiscite on the ruling party. Has the ruling party delivered? Is its vision for the nation still the vision of the people?"

A more personal, folksy explanation would be this, if you believe the ruling party hasn't delivered or has failed to deliver in the past 5 years.

This election, do you want to drive off the cliff with the PAP or do you want to make a pitstop to refit your car and plot a course correction?

If you believe that the PAP's vision is not the kind of Singapore you want, choose the pitstop. There's no need to speed ahead to someone else's destination. You can make a pitstop, assess, refit new engines and tyres, and plan a new route.

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