18 February 2014

Religion in the public square: 2014 edition

"Churchmen, lay preachers, priests, monks, Muslim theologians, all those who claim divine sanction or holy insights, take off your clerical robes before you take on anything economic or political. Take it off. Come out as a citizen or join a political party and it is your right to belabor the government, but use a church or a religion and your pulpit for these purposes and there will be serious repercussions."
-- Lee Kuan Yew, 1986

And then we have Lim Biow Chuan, MP since 2006, active lay preacher and worship leader at Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church since 1993

Why is Lin Piao allowed to be a PAP MP when he has refused to take off his clerical robes?


Anonymous said...

Exactly. Does this not reflect the full hypocrisy of our PAP leaders whenever they says that they represent the majority conservative society ? I am curious as to what methods they have resorted to be able to consult everyone in their constituents or are they simply lying through their teeth whenever they say the majority in our society is conservative?

How can our society be a conservative one if in reality our hospitals/clinics are performing tens if not hundreds of daily abortions to young persons which may be as young as 14 or 15 years old ?

Anonymous said...

My two cents: An objective argument should not be rejected because of subjective biases. We should be looking at the objectivity of the argument rather than pinpointing backgrounds and labeling.