02 May 2009

Aware's new events management company

Sometime between a week and a month ago, the new Aware exco engaged the services of advertising agency Ape Communications as the event manager of its EGM for today.

From the New Paper:

Aware was informed yesterday afternoon of Singapore Expo's decision to withdraw the venue through its event management company, Ape Communications, and no reasons were given until this afternoon.

'Aware understands that its meeting cannot be held at the Singapore Expo for 'law-and-order' reasons.'

When pressed for more answers, Aware was not forthcoming.

Ape Communications too, declined comment.

So far, no one knows the conditions under which Ape Communications was hired, and how much its services cost.

Several questions arise, because Ape Communications is not an events management company; it's an advertising and branding consultant. Its subsidiary, Ape Productions, was only set up this January as an events company, and headed by one Caine Teo.

Ethics, client confidentiality, and the need to know basis

Though Ape Communications/Productions has been tight-lipped to the press on its role in the Aware saga, Caine Teo's girlfriend hasn't.

From Caine Teo's girlfriend's blog (screencap courtesy of Diodati):

Anyway, because of Caine, I've obtained new and unpublished insight to the whole issue. And all I can say is: "Don't judge until you've got all the facts right. The media is not always neutral."

I pray Saturday goes well.


Ape Communications/Productions may have breached a serious code of client confidentiality if Caine Teo has indeed been passing on "new and unpublished insights" to his girlfriend on the Aware issue.

Further questions arise, such as why the new exco appears to have made Caine Teo its confidante and providing insights beyond his scope as an events manager for the organisation.

I welcome the explanations of Caine Teo, Ape Communications, and the new Aware exco on this matter.

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Anonymous said...

How about doing a check up on (i) the legal counsel - Gregory Vijayarendran. He is the with the group who meets regularly at TSM office for monthly prayers, chairman of a charity (wonder if these charity (secular organisation) has been hijacked aslo as a front for their fundamental view/beliefs. (ii) TSM - there was a comment from Xenoboy that she has a mini church in her basement.