28 April 2009

Aware EGM change of venue

Post updated 30 April 2009

Official announcement here.

Aside from the change to Suntec Exhibition Hall 402 Singapore Expo Hall 2, there are other things to note:

"Admission and registration would (sic) be from 12.00 noon to 2.00 p.m. on Saturday, 2nd May 2009"

This means people will be admitted into the expo hall beginning Saturday noon. If the hall should overfill by the time you arrive, good luck.

Because the Aware Constitution states that "At least one quarter of the total membership of the society or 25 members, whichever is the lesser, present at a general meeting shall form a quorum."

Be there at 12 noon or be prepared to face the possibility of being locked out because the hall is deemed full and the quorum has been reached.

"It is mandatory to show your NRIC for admission and registration."

And don't forget to bring your membership card, or a printout of your Aware registration and payment forms, please.

"Messrs Rajah & Tann have been appointed to act as AWARE's legal advisors to attend the EGM to be convened on 2nd May 2009 to address legal queries relating to, and raised during, the EGM including the matters intended to be transacted, AWARE's constitution and meeting law and procedure."

Aware's June 2006 constitution does not provide any guidelines concerning how the meeting should be conducted. Who decides which speakers are allowed to speak during the EGM? Who decides how much time is given to speakers? Who sets the rules for how the EGM will be conducted?

If there is a filibuster, will it be allowed?
If there is a no questions, no discussion, just vote meeting, will it be allowed?

Lawyers will be useful. Do you have one on your side?

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