13 May 2007

The Great Firewall of Singapore, episode 2

Duly noted: Singnet users have problems displaying their blogs.

Affected blogger users, all logging in from Singnet accounts, experience decreased functionality with blogger.

1. Missing Blogger bar on front page of all blogs

Singnet users get this page. Note the cropped Blogger 404 banner where the blogger bar should be.

Hello, blogger bar!

2. Logging into blogger, the Dashboard looks funny...

Singnet users get this page. Note the dashboard table just seems... broken.

Ah, this is the real deal! Note how uncluttered this dashboard appears.

3. Singnet users may no longer edit their templates.

Note that Singnet claims the entire page does not exist, leading users to think the problem lies with blogger.

Of course, that's just a bloody lie.

4. If you just want to blog... things still look funny.

I'm told that in actual fact, clicking on the buttons produce nothing. No bold text, italics, etc.

It seems that the wonky appearance of the create posts page just drives affected users cranky.


Under the internet settings for your browser of choice (Firefox/Mozilla/Seamonkey, IE6/7, Safari/Camino), switch from Direct connection to Internet to force a manual proxy of your choice, either the standard proxy.singnet.com.sg:8080 or anything on this page or that one.


Transparent Singnet proxy has hiccuped once more. Strangely enough, instead of transparently sending to the user what the server is sending, the transparent proxy implementation of Singnet is doing some sort of interpretation AND rearrangement of what the server is sending, instead of being transparent.

This isn't the first time, though, that Singnet's transparent proxy has created problems for its users on blogger, livejournal, and other services.

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