21 January 2006

Design methodology

You may notice a longish period of absence from posting. I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Updates will be fleeting while I attempt to recover.

Meanwhile, here's a fun quiz for everyone who likes to bitch about badly designed quizzes.

Do it. I'm not going to put any spoilers here. And do discuss about it.

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Beach-yi said...

Hihi, I've got a deficit of 890 million. Haha, turns out the second page of the assesment gave me a spiel on how is it fair to pass financial burden to future generations.

When I was younger, I thught yeah that makes sense but now I think otherwise, most parents who are not earnng heaps or have large sums lying around would definitely depend on their offspring for support in the future. And why wouldn't it be fair to pass some burden to future generations (after all, most of the new singaporeans would be foreign born if the govt have it their way), it's somewhat fair too since our present generation would have invest heaps of money in the infrastructure and education for the future generation.

So what's your result?