22 July 2005

Movie Post

Edward wants to know what I watch, given that I make short films...

Total Number of films I own on DVD/Video
Less than 10, actually. I've borrowed them from the Film Collection of the National Library or watched them at NUS's library. Not to mention, winmx and bittorrent are a good source of hard-to-find films, or stuff that aren't available in Singapore.

The Last Film I Bought
That would be Rashomon, at one of HMV's DVD clearance sales.

Five Films I Watch A Lot/Mean a Lot to Me

Ed Wood

Edward D Wood Jr might be the world's worst director, but he understands the joys of filmmaking! A better motivational film and ode to the art than Cinema Paradiso.

Dr Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

Wild and hysterical, this is Stanley Kubrick's only comedy. Peter Sellers infuses his multiple roles with manic energy and differentiation. Kubrick pours scorn on the excesses of the military-industrial complex and explains what's so mad about MAD.

Triumph of the Will

The Nazis were pure evil, Triumph des Willens was a propaganda flick, but Leni Riefenstahl was a genius. I encourage all Singaporeans to watch this movie before the telecast of the National Day Parade, and compare how the ceremony and pomp of the Nazi state and martial music have become the template for all later nationalisms.


After it appeared in 1983, advertisements began to copy its tripped-out, speeded-up images of traffic flow and people walking on streets to the point ad nauseum. Even then, Koyaanisqatsi can still be enjoyed as a visual and musical feast, preferably on a wide-screen system or in an IMAX cinema.

Mononoke Hime (もののけ姫)

Like Koyaanisqatsi, this is a movie with a strong environmentalist message and meditation on a world out of balance. Hayao Miyazaki weaves engaging tales that should not be mistaken for children's entertainment.

Tag 5 People and Have Them Put It In Their Blog

Eileen Chew (There's a suspicion her list would be more eclectic than mine)
Rachel Mercer (I bet she has very interesting films to recommend!)
RaveDave (Great taste in music... wonder what he watches)
PingandWin (They're on a roll with their blog now!)
Chris Low (As soon as his hdd resurrects)

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Anonymous said...

Encouraged by the admiration for Dr Strangelove (in your list as well as Rachel Mercer's), I watched it again for the third time yesterday. I think it's one of those greats I don't get.