29 March 2005

Names changed to protect the innocent

Overheard on the internet:

akikonomu> Oh dear... sounds like the pope is about to be mortal
gnu> I don't get why they don't let the poor man die in peace
akikonomu> Let's just hope bush doesn't nominate Donald Rumsfeld as the new pope =^_^=
gnu> He is too busy changing laws to please his Christian base
akikonomu> Well, Bush did nominate warmonger Wolfowitz to the world bank -_-
gnu> Yeah, he will use his Iraq war experience to give credit to the poor
akikonomu> Who cares about giving credit to the poor?
akikonomu> He shall give democracy and freedom to the poor! And liberate them of their lives as well -_-
gnu> Democracy = american troops ?
akikonomu> And American corporations. Preferably Haliburton
gnu> The best part is that they will export voting machines to the poor, just to be sure the election will be like in Florida
akikonomu> And we thought clinton was a bad president -_-
gnu> The only reason I can make fun of other governments is because the world media does not cover what politicians do here
akikonomu> So what do politicians do in Brazil?
gnu> One said employing half his family in public jobs was a service to the country
akikonomu> Oh, that's what our politicians do, too.

Tomorrow's headlines in the ST:
Singapore Exports Meritocratic System to Brazil

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