21 August 2003

Kill the Thirtysomethings!

How do we evaluate the role people play in history? I present you the case study of the 30something generation of Singaporeans.

Following accepted historical procedures, one might begin by looking at the Singapore they inherited when that generation came of age and first started out work, and compare that to the Singapore our quarter-life crisis generation has inherited from them, when it's our turn to start out...

Wasn't it not so long ago that Our Generation was predicted to screw up Singapore with our wishy-washy liberal leanings? (Old Man Lee's theory that the 3rd generation will undo what the founders and the 2nd generation built up) Well, whaddaya know... the country didn't last long enough for us to ruin it ourselves. Thanks alot, 30somethings!

You disappoint me deeply. Let's see: our 30somethings were the first SG generation to be
1. highly educated
2. experience upward social mobility never seen before by their parents generation
3. exposed to cosmopolitan forces

Unfortunately, they didn't pick up anything but an unbridled lust for pleasure and money. Ah, the allure of the 1990s! Upgrade mania, conspicuous consumption, and the Singapore Dream of the 6Cs. Politically, the 30somethings truly deserved their "leadership of Singapore", with its bloated policies pandering to greed and a penchant for reducing every issue into a referendum for "4 more good years" - aka more upgrading.

I'm sure you had a good run, 30somethings. Wasn't it such an experience to be able to buy, upgrade and sell flats once every 3 years during the economic bubble? Well, WE can't even afford new housing nowadays, unless we want to remain in debt for more than half of our working lives, thanks to the property inflation that you single-handed caused.

Way to go, 30somethings. You occasionally complain that this recession has cost you your whitecollar, middle management jobs and sometimes lower pay. Well. WE can't even get decently employed because companies would rather hire experienced 30somethings instead of fresh grads. You've stolen our jobs.

If I had a big hammer now...

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