08 August 2005

Happy National Day!

The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Edition

Singapore's premier news website can't make up its mind what its peasants should believe, apparently. Also, the link to the other story doesn't work (???), and only through the marvels of google can you find the original article here.


Singapore's unemployment rate in the three months to June crept up slightly to 3.4 percent from a revised 3.3 percent in the previous quarter as fresh graduates joined the search for jobs, preliminary estimates released on Monday showed.

The Manpower Ministry said in its preliminary report that 27,700 jobs were created in the June quarter, an improvement from 17,800 in the previous three months and 10,900 for the same period last year.

No shit, Sherlock! To those of us who didn't skip 2004 in our Truman Show Machine, Singapore's job creation was abysmal! An improvement of this many jobs created a corresponding 0.1% in change in unemployment, yay!

Evidently job creation in Singapore is barely keeping up with the increase in labor force, and actual unemployment continues to increase.


Thrasymachus said...

Thanks for your comments and dropping my at my blog. I've replied to some of your comments (in a hot-headed way) which might offend you somewhat. Many apologies for that.

Nonetheless, Happy National Day.

coupdegrace said...

thumbs up.

Thrasymachus said...

Hi Akikonomu

My deepest apologies for saying these words with was uncalled for. I offer my apologies on the comments on my blog. Maybe I was too hot headed for these harsh and unfair words, which I should not have scolded under any circumstances.

We should have debated in a fairer tone. No offense.