11 February 2004

Today in History. Or Literature. Just anywhere but reality

Imagine this: your kingdom used to be a global power, but those days are long gone. As its leader, you understand your true position in the world: somewhere near the bottom, with the Has-beens... You will do anything and say anything to be with the winners, and end up dating 2 successive leaders from the current superpower (and some say, the SOLE superpower), dumping the old one when he became unviable, and hopping into bed with the new guy as soon as he got elected. And trying to seduce the third guy, who looks set to take over any time soon...

Who are you, and what country is this?
A) Cleopatra, last ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt. Dated Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Tried to talk Octavius into an alliance.
B) Tony Blair, PM of UK. Best buddies with Clinton, posed with Bush II in cowboy hats. Will try to persuade President Kerry that he was also fooled into voting for the war.

Cleopatra committed suicide by kissing an asp when she was finally rebuffed by Octavius.

I'm looking forward to the day when Tony Blair has a self-inflicted bungee-jumping accident from the top of the London Eye

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