19 February 2004

Queer Eye for Chief Justice

This has nothing to do with gay marriages that are conducted by SanFran state officials in defiance and as a test against current laws.

This has nothing to do with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy either, but it's pretty close =D

Singapore's Chief Justice Yong Pung How undergoes radical makeover!

That's right... His Honour, Mr "Double Their Sentence", the appeals lawyer's worse nightmare, has done it AGAIN. Today will be the second straight day in a row that the judge has HALVED a sentence in his apeals court. (First case: Halves sentence for conviction on oral sex. Second case: Halves sentence on internet fraud.)

What gives? Short of a conspiracy theory - i.e. CJ really had a makeover from the wonderful Queer Eye crew, I can give only one sane explanation...

Elected Presidency 2005. The election is yours to lose, baby.

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