08 August 2006

EOL for win98, winME

Readings from the Book of Leaves

WinME died. It was some time ago, but still I don't know. There was the unfortunate case of my week-long fever, the nastiness of the pneumonia, the drug induced haze that was the recovery.

I never had a relationship with WinME, and now I never will. When we met, she was with a friend of mine, the one who dated all the OS-tans. It was a brief and cordial encounter, and I did not see in her all the faults that circulated in current gossip.

Today, WinME is dead. So is Win98, whom I was seeing on a daily basis until 2002. We decided to call it quits when she didn't get along with my broadband modem. It was a long time ago, and with the passage of time, it feels like a very silly reason to split.

All I know is today, and the day after, and all the days after that, there will be this empty space in my heart. And I know this space is reserved for them.

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Anonymous said...

Forget these girls. Keep a pet: Panther/Tigers.