24 August 2005

National Day Rally Speech (Quickie Version)

Diary of a Dragon Prince Edition

1. Much improved from last year. Incidences where I pause for applause and audience misses cue are lessened. University Cultural Centre MUST be retrofitted with APPLAUSE signs!

2. Should consider giving the NDRS next year at Hong Lim Park.

3. Made a minor blunder in Chinese speech by mangling the Chinese idiomatic saying into 行行出英雄. Was reminded by private tutor during intermission (that's the real reason for the break, incidentally!) and then used the correct idiom in the English speech.

4. Haul up the government's speech archive on the internet and get them to perform some historical revisionism. I NEVER want people to remember I said 行行出英雄.

5. Haul up any Chinese newspapers which said I did.

6. Now, for the repeat telecast of the NDRS for this weekend, maybe should get Mediacorpsuckers to reshoot that 5 second segment?


rench00 said...

actually, i thought he did the hang hang chu ying xiong bit on purpose. because zhuang yuan connotes only accademic scholarly-ness, which was his point, that you don't have to be academic to be successful (i.e. a hero). so i thought the hang hang chu ying xiong was a good touch.

BUT. he did a mjor booboo... which really appalled my parents. he said that this couple of ladies, after working as waitresses for years went to "xia hai" and started their own restaurants. the direct translation of "xia hai" is to go down into the sea, but it actually means to become prostitutes. now that was a major faux pas.

i wonder whether he planned to cry. cos it was a really touching scene that humanized him greatly, brought him down to the people's level. and i'm sure it touched a lot of people's hearts. oh and apparently, according to my friend who was there, the father cried too.

i'll be posting my other comments about the NDRS on my blog soon. watch for it.

akikonomu said...

rench, the problem with the "hang hang chu ying xiong on purpose" theory is: the official transcript, linked in my original post, has it as hang hang chu zhuang yuan.

Re crying: Wahliao eh! Father cry, son must cry? Lest we forget, Liu Bei founded his petty kingdom on tears as well...

Go for it! I want to see more bloggers analysing the NDRS (and yeah, I have a longer, more serious version in store).

rench00 said...

methinks it was the other way round. that the son crying that made the father cry...

rench00 said...

just posted my thoughts on the NDRS. well... they aren't exactly all mine. more of an accumulation of ideas and opinions from discussions with various people.