12 July 2005

Boy finds snake in breakfast cereal

Edward draws my attention to an article in London:

A two-foot snake found its way into a packet of breakfast cereal, it emerged today.

Five-year-old Jordan Willett, from Dawley, Shropshire, discovered the live reptile inside his box of Golden Puffs on Bank Holiday Monday.

His mother Theresa, who was having breakfast with her son at the time, said she initially thought it was a free gift for children.

My thoughts: Thank goodness this isn't an American tabloid! Imagine, if you will, an American version of this article. We'll have the same introduction, but instead of that "it's kind of lucky the snake wasn't venomous at all" ending, we'd have:

1. Terrorist plan suspected
2. Face of pope observed in pattern of cereal flakes in the milk
3. The non-venomous snake proves that the face of pope thing is a double miracle, hallelujah!

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