20 July 2003

Colonial Post-colonial

"In the beginning the White God (of course he's White! Ever seen a Arabic or Jewish looking portrait of Christ?) created White man, who went forward to multiply upon the earth, with his first companion and then servant, the White woman.

White man was given dominion over the animals and the plants on the land, the fish in the sea, and as he also believed, dominion over other Peoples who came in different, lesser skin tones.

So, White man quelled the lesser peoples, under the commission of the White Man's Burden, to improve them to the level of White humanity.

Then, White man made some mistakes, and discovered perhaps that the whole colonial project was wrong. So now, White man goes around apologising to everyone for all the evils on the planet, bearing his message of White Man's Guilt.

Of course, this story is all about White Man's Ego. If they can't be the savior of the world, they will settle for nothing less than to be the only cause of all the Evil in the world. If they can't be the all-powerful Hero, they'll settle for the all-powerfull Villian. It always has to be about the White Man!"

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