18 April 2009

Operation Leper

With the outrageously illiberal, undemocratic, and unprincipled takeover of AWARE, the NGO is now headed by a group whose behaviour and modus operandi runs counter to the principles of civil society. No serious operator in Singapore civil society will see AWARE under its new, mysterious, unknown, sneakily-elected through a hostile takeover leadership, as part of civil society.

We do not know - though some are making the effort to guess - whose agenda the new AWARE exco is serving. We do not need to know, and we do not need to care.

Through their actions, they have declared war on the idea of civil society, preferring to teach us the lesson if you don't agree with your foes, you should just take them over instead of openly discussing your differences. And then pretending to be the aggrieved party while conducting a purge of the ranks during a communications lockdown in the organisation.

Civil society needs to send a clear and loud signal to these clowns that their behaviour is wrong, unacceptable, and intolerable.

I hereby announce OPERATION LEPER. Henceforth, we will constantly remind everyone about these people, monitor who they are working for, which organisations they join, and who hires them. These characters are poison to civil society. If they are hired or appointed by advocacy, voluntary, or political groups, we will oppose their employers. It is our intention to bar them from future roles in politics and civil society.

On the Operation Leper list are:
Josie Lau Meng-Lee (Vice-president of consumer banking group cards and unsecured loans, DBS)
Charlotte Wong Hock Soon (Principal, Renewal Organisation Effectiveness aka ROE, 61 Jalan Remaja, Bamboo Grove Park. phone: 6763 0312)
Jenica Chua Chor Ping (Management Consultant, SAP. hotline: 6890 1088)
Sally Ang Koon Hian (Partner, Sally Ang Ebenezer & Co, at 7 Temasek Blvd #06-03, phone: 68844146)
Maureen Ong Lee Keang (CPA, former SembCorp Logistics CFO)
Catherine Tan Ling Khim (CFA, exco member, CHIJ alumna organisation)
Irene Yee Khor Quin (CFA, Life Planning Associates, at 80 Marine Parade Road, #07-01 Parkway Parade. Phone: 6344 2781 email: service@lpa.com.sg)
Lois Ng (Entrepreneur, Studio You Pte Ltd, at 1 Lorong 23 Geylang, High Point Social Enterprise Ark, Blk 4 #01-11/12, Phone: 67477764)
Peggy Leong Pek Kay (Lecturer, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Humanities)
Dr Alan Chin Yew Liang (General Practitioner, Lifeline Medical Clinic)

It is our desire that these operators never find appointment in any advocacy or voluntary organisations ever again.


Anonymous said...

Show your support by returning All D BS credit cards- Josie is the person in charge- I will be sending back my cards with a note. Don't contribute to her performance bonus.

Anonymous said...

that's awesome, bro

Anonymous said...

Lifeline Medical Group Pte Ltd
Blk 118 Rivervale Drive
#02-18, Rivervale Plaza
Singapore 540118

Lifeline Bishan Medical Clinic
Blk 501, Bishan St 11
Singapore 570501

Lifeline Yishun Ring Medical
Blk 846 Yishun Ring Rd #01-3615

Lifeline Medical Centre
Blk 710 Clementi West St 2,
Singapore 120710

Justin Ng said...

Hey Guys plse join my Facebook group calling for the dismissal of Josie Lau - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=96870685794. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

you left out feminister mentor thio su mien, of her own law firm at 6 battery road


6 Battery Road, #33-01, Singapore 049909
Tel: (65) 6534 4877
Facsimile: (65) 6534 4822
Email: tsmp@tsmp.com.sg

Jimmy said...

On Peggy Leong Pek Kay, I think we should contact her bosses to file a complaint.

Anonymous said...


You better be a bit careful. The new exco has highlighted you in their report, placing you as a threat.

The PDF (you're on the last page) is on www.aware.org.sg.

Please be careful. TSM is a senior lawyer after all.

Galven said...

How were your intentions to 'bar them' entirely not similarly "illiberal, undemocratic and unprincipled"?

akikonomu said...

Hello Galven, please send my regards to whoever sent you and so many others to my blog every now and then to push the same question through, month after month and year after year since Operation Leper launched.

Given that you lot seem not to understand, here's the explanation.

Firstly, you don't know the meaning of illiberal, undemocratic, and unprincipled.

Let me hold your hand and walk you through it, okay?

Being liberal doesn't mean you turn your cheek for others to slap. So when 'leaders' like Thio Su Mien and her cronies enact a plan to destroy civil society, don't expect civil society to turn its cheek. Expect civil society to at the very least put the entire gin gang under some form of interdict.

Being democratic means that you observe the forms and spirit of due process and willing participation. I hope you can see that the stealth takeover of Aware was undemocratic. I hope you can see that unlike Thio Su Mien, I'm just a blogger - and a rarely read one at that. I called for people to willingly join in Operation Leper. It's not a stealth campaign where I set up an innocuous organisation or take over another organisation so to put Thio and her cronies under interdict. If and where Operation Leper is an actual reality, it's because people CHOSE to exercise their freedom of association to band together to disassociate and exercise their personal rights to boycott the Thio group.

Now that I've described the principles behind Operation Leper, I hope you're smart enough to figure out what being unprincipled really means yourself.